What Really Matters

December 6, 2013 § Leave a comment


As entertaining as reality television and tabloids are – they can be really fucking negative.

Was Beyoncé ever actually pregnant?
Are Rob Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart a couple or not?
Did Kim Kardashian get surgery after giving birth?


It blows my mind that we spend SO much time judging people (whether we know them or not) when we should spend more time living our lives the way they were to meant to be lived. 

If you’re one of those people who get sucked into media spin (not saying I don’t…and I’ve totally watched every episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to date) then you need to watch this video. It’s a good little slap in the face to remind you to stop wasting your life getting involved in other peoples business and most importantly to stop abusing others when you don’t know the full story.
Life’s short. On your death bed, will you really be wondering if Katy Perry’s tits are real or not? My god I hope not.

How to make friends in Paris

November 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

I came to Paris not knowing a soul.
The first week was fine – it was kinda nice not having any commitments with the ability to wander wherever I wanted without worrying about anyone else. I wasn’t too concerned about making a whole lot of friends anytime soon.

As an extrovert and a reasonably social person, it only took a grand total of six days before I desperately needed a wine with someone who spoke English. I’m fully aware that I sound like an ignorant tourist, but when someone who likes to talk spends a week in a country where almost know-one speaks your language – you start to go loco.

So I did what any Gen-Y expat would do. I got online.

For travellers in any country I cannot recommend the site Meetup enough.
Are you a meditating, vegetarian yogi keen to meet others? There’s a group for that. Raging wino keen to hook up with a Frenchie-there’s a group for that too. Basically anything you’re into – it’ll exist and if it doesn’t, then you can create your own group and hope people join it.

These groups organise meetups/events. Naturally I joined groups filled with 20-something’s new to Paris who offered a range of city roaming adventures and alcohol themed events.

I’m aware this makes it sound like online dating for friends and that’s essentially exactly what it is. You create a profile, add a photo and little bio and can stalk the shit out of these people and then connect with the ones that you have something in common with.

After attending a couple of rather unsuccessful events (aka: I was one of 5 females in a packed room filled with handsy older men) I resorted to messaging girls who were my age, had similar interests and wanted to hang.

To the men out there – kudos to having the balls to ask girls out. I was just suggesting coffee and a potential shopping partner with these chicks and the fear of not sounding funny or cool enough was utterly terrifying.

I got approached by a few girls too and before you knew it, my second weekend in Paris I had arranged a lunch for 6 newbies, all who are hilarious, outgoing girls and as far as I’m aware – not serial killers. Success.

I’m pleased to report that my French phone number is actually serving a purpose and my sanity has been restored.

The expat community here is huge – and a lot of my friends are Aussies or Brita. I’m still working on the French women…they’re not as welcoming.

So even if you are in town for a week – sign up. There’s always gigs and events being posted and the ability to meet people in public busy locations is reassuring too. Stranger danger…


I left my heart in Barcelona

November 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

One of the things on my life list was to take a spontaneous trip somewhere exotic.
This trip happened a few weeks back, but a whirlwind month of moving to Paris and making new friends made that incredible trip seem like a lifetime ago. It’s also very cold here so I feel like reminiscing on sunnier times.

The trip was to Barcelona, Spain. We confirmed the night before that we would go and meet friends and then the next morning found ourselves Barcelona bound, leaving the cold and wet London in our trails.

Barcelona is beautiful and after three solid months of working followed by a couple of weeks in London (spent mostly indoors), it was so nice to get to one of my favorite places – the sea!

We really didn’t do a lot apart from visit the beach and hire bikes to explore the town for the day – but I’m content with that. I plan on visiting again very soon!

The architecture is insane. The markets are cheap. The nightlife was…interesting. Wandering into modern nightclubs in such an antique town was strange. The men were also not very shy and had no issue with professing their love for you before moving onto the next girl.

I would go back there in a heartbeat. The vibe was relaxed and so amazing. It’s what I have been craving ever since leaving camp and sadly is not so something I’m getting in Paris. But I’ve started thinking about next year and what I want to do…I think some kind of meditation retreat by the sea would be perfect to get myself balanced again, but there are too many to choose from!

In the meantime… Some photos.









Harsh Parisian Reality

October 14, 2013 § 5 Comments

As I type this, i’m sitting in an old French restaurant that’s playing classic music from the 20’s. It’s located about 2km from the Eiffel Tower and I’m eating an un-French meal (Mexican salad) and drinking too much wine (again). I haven’t quite conquered frogs legs or escargot just yet…

I spent the morning walking for what felt like days around Paris. It’s Sunday here which means all shops are closed so bar the key tourist attractions like the Louvre, Paris is dead. I like it this way. It ensures I won’t burn holes through my wallet like I did yesterday.

I had a history filled morning and at one point was propositioned by an adorable Egyptian man named Mufasa (wot?!) who was alone in Paris too. He offered to tour me around Paris and even took a typical tourist photo of me by the Lourve, but today is one of those days I want to be alone and not have to speak broken Frenglish to anyone. I also didn’t trust him. So he gave me his number and we went our separate ways… Or so I thought. I caught him following me for a while before strategically making my escape.

I did not however, manage to escape being pick pocketed – which was enough to totally rip me out of my dream like state and into the sharp reality that is Europe. She took my phone, the wench. But then gave it back, claimed she saw me drop it and asked for money. I think I was more pissed about the fact that she had taken away that insanely magical high I had been on all day.

Fortunately I get over things incredibly quickly, especially since I got my phone back. It’s also kinda difficult to be mad for long when you’re walking along the Seine with the Eiffel Tower peaking out from behind incredibly old and beautiful buildings ahead.

There is so much to do here, I can’t understand how anyone can just visit for just a few days when I feel stressed enough thinking how I’m going to use every spare second of my weekends! If you get the opportunity to move here – then just do it.











Leveling Up

September 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

I turned 24 last week. (Be prepared for a slightly reflective post that kinda doubles as a pep talk to myself).

While 24 is still very young, I feel I am now at the age of expectations.
Friends are getting engaged, married and some even have children.
They all seem to have it so together and while I am genuinely happy for them – part of me wonders if there’s something wrong with the fact that I have no job, am sleeping on an air bed, living out of a backpack and have no clue what I’ll be doing next week.

I’ve taken the hippie route. The route that currently avoids seriousness and planned futures.
My life has turned from a well strategized and carefully written novel into a collection of paper scraps with half written thoughts and memories scrawled onto the pages that currently don’t make much sense, but you know there’s a good story in there somewhere.

I am determined to spend the next four years exploring and making the most of my wild 20’s.
I will continue to tell myself that every (often drunk) bad decision I make, is just another story for the collection. And I will continue to remind myself that I am only 24, and that it’s totally fine to violently smack that little green monster that sometimes jumps out when I see photos of my wonderful friends continuing down their path to adulthood that’s filled with love and significant others.

I’m four months into my travels and I’ve barely even scratched the surface. I booked a spontaneous trip to Barcelona last week and might hit up Paris this weekend. I can do that. I’m 24, single and selfish as hell. But for now I’m really liking it that way.



September 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

I recently wrote a list of quotes and phrases that I personally live by. I didn’t realize I had so many!
In their own little way – they help me live life, keep calm and stay motivated in every day life.

I have started mixing these words with images I’ve either found/love or photos I have taken myself (like in my previous post). I’ll start posting them here. Would be cool to mix them in a book of my travel photos one day.


Ripple The Waters

September 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Camp is over, New York is in the past (for now…not done with that city yet) and now I’m in London. Whew.

It’s cold, my tan is fading and I’m missing my wardrobe space.
I’ve definitely taken minimalism to the extreme, yet my backpack still feels heavy. It would be amazing to simply live with just a couple of items of clothes – think how freeing that would be! But I’m not quite at that point yet and as mentioned…it’s cold. I’m not in ‘Merica anymore!

This place is creative and inspiring and all I want to do is spend a good few hours putting the millions of ideas that are whizzing round my brain, to paper. Though I hate to admit it, I miss my parents and their innate ability to listen to my rambling ideas that I would make them listen to after a particularly inspiring day.

This point in my travels is difficult, we don’t have enough money to do both Amsterdam and Oktoberfest, yet there’s a part of me who wants to not give a shit, do it anyway and think about the consequences later. The organized planner in me is currently dormant and I’m trying to enjoy spontaneity and the ability to be reckless while I can.

Anyway, I came across the below quote in Russh magazine, it totally speaks to me right now. I also took this photo in one of the most beautiful places we visited on our days off in upstate New York.

I think it answers my concerns…


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