Harsh Parisian Reality

October 14, 2013 § 5 Comments

As I type this, i’m sitting in an old French restaurant that’s playing classic music from the 20’s. It’s located about 2km from the Eiffel Tower and I’m eating an un-French meal (Mexican salad) and drinking too much wine (again). I haven’t quite conquered frogs legs or escargot just yet…

I spent the morning walking for what felt like days around Paris. It’s Sunday here which means all shops are closed so bar the key tourist attractions like the Louvre, Paris is dead. I like it this way. It ensures I won’t burn holes through my wallet like I did yesterday.

I had a history filled morning and at one point was propositioned by an adorable Egyptian man named Mufasa (wot?!) who was alone in Paris too. He offered to tour me around Paris and even took a typical tourist photo of me by the Lourve, but today is one of those days I want to be alone and not have to speak broken Frenglish to anyone. I also didn’t trust him. So he gave me his number and we went our separate ways… Or so I thought. I caught him following me for a while before strategically making my escape.

I did not however, manage to escape being pick pocketed – which was enough to totally rip me out of my dream like state and into the sharp reality that is Europe. She took my phone, the wench. But then gave it back, claimed she saw me drop it and asked for money. I think I was more pissed about the fact that she had taken away that insanely magical high I had been on all day.

Fortunately I get over things incredibly quickly, especially since I got my phone back. It’s also kinda difficult to be mad for long when you’re walking along the Seine with the Eiffel Tower peaking out from behind incredibly old and beautiful buildings ahead.

There is so much to do here, I can’t understand how anyone can just visit for just a few days when I feel stressed enough thinking how I’m going to use every spare second of my weekends! If you get the opportunity to move here – then just do it.











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